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Certified Zappi Consulting Program

Zappi has been extremely disruptive to the market research industry over the past few years. Their automation platform has enabled entire end-to-end projects to be constructed within their expertly designed product suite. This has made it easier than ever, to conduct efficient market research and make swift business decisions. As a self-serve platform, Zappi requires an extra level of involvement by the research user. This can be a barrier to adoption in some cases, therefore the consulting program is the perfect solution. We are very happy to have been a member of the Zappi consulting program this past year, working with this platform to help clients achieve in-depth insights and meaningful results.

The Zappi certified consulting program is an ingenious idea to combine the knowledge of experienced researchers with the use of this powerful automation platform.

As certified Zappi consultants, MAC Research provides support throughout the entire research process. Companies can utilise the many advantages of the Zappi automation platform, including lower costs, quicker timelines, increased accuracy and a scale-up of research, whilst benefiting from a traditional hands-off approach. Our knowledge and experience of navigating this platform, coupled with the key research skills developed over years in the market research industry, saves clients valuable time and greatly increases the reliability of findings. This effectively turns Zappi into a full-service agency with a comprehensive range of ‘off the shelf’ research solutions for advertising or innovation testing solutions.

Zappi + Consultancy = full-service agency

Our job is to remove the extra work clients would otherwise have to deal with, for example organising translations, setting up projects, backend analysis of results and compiling a polished presentation. We can help at any stage of the research process, to help you achieve the most from Zappi.

To find out more about this amazing opportunity, click on the link below: http://www.zappi.io/web/#book-a-demo or contact us through the form on the home page.


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