MAC Research was inspired by an emergent trend in the Research industry for innovative, agile, online tools that allow research to be conducted in a quicker more cost-effective way.

We understand that to have a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced environment, you need to make quality-led decisions quickly. 

Not only can we run at the pace of your business, but we can make your research budget stretch a lot further.

MAC Research will also deliver your research results in bespoke, easy-to-use and interactive dashboards that you and your team will love.

Run by senior researchers with both client-side and agency side experience and backed up by a team of Research Executives skilled in our agile tools, MAC Research has the expertise and scale to deliver.


About Us

Right Tools, Right Team

Our founder Mike spent many years evaluating the technology available in the marketplace for scripting, hosting, sample provision, and reporting before launching MAC Research.

However, agile tools in themselves will not guarantee a good outcome – they need to be in the hands of experienced research professionals.

At MAC Research, you really will get senior involvement (we are not just saying that) at every stage of the research process.

We know that high-quality, rich, actionable insights are fundamental to any research project but we go further with our interactive, bespoke dashboards that will delight you!

Select the link below to go to our demonstration dashboard - feel free to explore its capabilities!

MAC Research Demo Dashboard

How can we be both Fast and Cost-effective?

Where we work
We also extend our modern approach to how we work.  MAC Research has no permanent office.  We encourage staff to spend the majority of their time working at home and we meet up in person on a weekly basis.  This is one example of how we manage our costs, enabling us to pass these savings onto our clients.


The additional benefit of this approach is that we are also very environmentally friendly, minimising our carbon footprint.

How we work
Conventional agencies often work in silos with separate teams for field, client service, scripting questionnaires, data processing, charting etc.  This not only slows the process down but adds cost and complexity. 


At MAC Research, the same team will be involved in every stage of the process.

Who we work with
We use suppliers who share our values and work in an agile way to reduce costs without compromising on quality.


Client Testimonials

Xaviere Dillenseger, Global Consumer & Market Insights Lead, Galderma

MAC Research is our favourite agency when we need some quick, agile quant research - they are super-fast, flexible and cost-effective.


We love the fact that they are continuously trying to improve our collaborative relationship, making our lives easier.  


They have senior staff so we don’t compromise on quality, and they deliver the results in amazing dashboards that allow our team to do additional analysis and present impactful data.  

Holly Whelan, Co-Founder, Younger Lives

I was really impressed with the first project we ran with MAC Research, it was very good value, very quick, delivered on a really great dashboard and our expectations were well exceeded in terms of the insight and thought put into the project. 


I will certainly be using MAC Research again and would recommend them to anyone.