MAC Research

We take the DIY out of
DIY Research

In an ever-changing research world, we are a research agency with a difference, we don’t have any offices or expensive overheads, we have stripped out the costs of doing market research. Quality is now our priority.

We are a group of senior research consultants, we work with the latest research tools and platforms to deliver high quality, low cost market research.

We are so cost efficient that we could effectively double your budget!

It seems to be common thread in the industry that market research projects will have

three constraining and conflicting elements; Quality, Speed & Cost and that any project can only have two:

  • High quality, low cost projects won’t be quick
  • High quality, quick projects won’t be cheap
  • Low cost, quick projects won’t be high quality

Insight platforms are quick and cheap and therefore they are perceived as low quality.

MAC Research has developed a business model that is inherently low cost, we are experienced research professionals and pride ourselves on providing quality research. We work with some platforms which are very quick, we can deliver results for simpler projects very quickly.

However, we recognise that quality research requires time to think, reflect and collaborate.

If you want to save 50% on your next project, get in touch